What makes a great bulge in an underwear?

There are 3 things that makes a great bulge.

1. The Fabric

The fabric weight in an underwear can reveal or to hide your junk in a bulge.

Light weight fabric 80 - 90 g. gives a nice bulge form and make it almost see-through.

Middle weight fabric - 100 -120 g It makes a nice bulge and gives more hold to the bulge.

2. The pouch length

A great pouch length starts at 20 cm long till 24.

4 Hunks  bulge pouch has a length of 22 cm, which provides different cock sizes the same full bulge effect.

If the pouch lenght is too short it squeezes your junk.

If it is too long, looks horrible!

22 cm length is a perfect Fit and looks yummy.

28 cm length is too long and looks bulky.

2. The fit of the pouch

The pouch has to be fitted to the body otherwise it causes bulk on your junk.

Same model, same body and same junk

A special gift from Stefan Adlers to you!

Remenber, a great underwear Bulge is made of:

1.Great fabric
2. Pouch length

Helping you make better decisions!

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