What is edging?

First of all edging is about of not being in control.
Edging is to keep another person on the edge of cuming for as long as possible.

Why edging?

In an edging session the goal is to achieve the ultimate orgasm. 100% of the guys that have been edged or in an edging session say that you can not compare an edging orgasm with a sex orgasm.
The orgasm in an edging session is so intense that you loose yourself in it.

Edging is not jerking off!

Most of guys think that edging is just jerking off. Actually edging is more a role play game that involves commitment and I game of power and control.

How is it done?

Approaching the edge of orgasm and withdrawing, usually several times, before finally achieving orgasm.Its meant to intensify orgasm, and volume of ejaculate and force of ejaculation. 

The Dirty Cyclist is used to spice the session

The edging session:

A session involves cum control, edging and can develop towards pre-cum, handsfree orgasm, ruined orgasm and extreme ejaculation. It depends in how it develops.
A guy can come till 5 times in a row within a session.

More coming soon!

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