In the future, we all be porn stars!

In the future, we all be porn stars!

"Beware of those who are quick to censor. They are afraid of what they do not know."

We believe that Xtube is the social media of the future!
Most of the people think that Xtube is just a porn site. Wrong! Xtube is a social media/community where people meet to interact and to find dates, discover new fantasies and to watch what other people are into.
We have been testing, and the conclusion is; Xtube is closer to an Instagram or Facebook then really to a porn site.

You are asking yourself, why are we researching Xtube?

Well, we believe that Facebook and Instagram policies are ridiculous.
Instagram regularly remove content from our Hunks, some even got their account suddenly deleted losing all their contacts and friends made on Instagram.
Tumblr just decided after last week incident to remove all adult content.
Many guys are going through the same problems and starting to feel disappointed with all these social media channels.
We all wish a place to stay and to feel welcome.

About Xtube;
We want to tell you whats the deal is in Xtube.
It's a community!
People are there to interact and to share. Sharing things they like, fantasies they have and socializing with other people.

What can you do on Xtube?

- post your content
- follow and be followed
- message people and chat
- rent videos from other amateur guys
- make money $$ - yes you can also put your content to be rented

Guys want to make porn!

Guys want to make porn!

Our society is changing. Cameras are everywhere, and we are not shy to show off. We can not change the culture back, but we can face our censure and taboos. And if we are not living to make ourselves happy in the first place, for what are we living then?
There is no turning back anymore. Guys discovered the pleasure of being a porn star. And they love it and they want to make porn!

With the rise of “only fans” page, most of Instagram Influencers discovered the pleasure of becoming a porn star on their own and made a living from it.
We must say that Xtube is far beyond better than “only fans page.”
"Xtube is the real deal!"

The young generation

Doing our research what impresses us the most, is the fact that the young gay generation today, ask you on a dating app:

What´s your Xtube channel?

And not asking any more for your Facebook or Instagram.
The upcoming gay generation is growing up more freely and with way fewer tabus as we did.

But to be open mind and to help you to live life to the most is our core mission at 4 Hunks.

For that reason, we are proud to announce that we are the first gear fetish brand to have its own Xtube profile.
We will love to lead you to this new experience and to keep you current in what is hot today so you can have the best of your life!

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