Improving your dating app experience

For the ones that have their self-confidence shaken by dating apps.

The sweet beginning

The sweet beginning

When I started using dating app I was thrilled, but it turned to frustration quite fast.
I felt very hurt the way people behave on the app, but I turned this all around and now I get the best side of it having a lot of exciting chats and people coming to me.

This is how it happened...

When I used the app I was thrilled to get a message, but when people start dropping the chat with no reason or just disappeared, that kept me reflecting on what was wrong.

For that reason, it made me feel very insecure about myself. I kept asking myself: Am I not handsome enough? Am I not good enough? Was it something that I said?
I think we all have been there, right?

Reflecting on it I realize I did not love myself enough and I did not accept myself fully. For that reason, I was feeling hurt.

It might sound very silly, but it was true. But the result was mesmerizing!

"People around me began to tell me that there was something different about me. They took the time to call me and tell me how awesome I looked and people started to be drowned to me."

This is what I did


I realize I needed to accept myself. Accept who I am and how I look.
It does not matter what happened before I will forget everything and will start over.

Every day I took 5 minutes to look myself in the mirror. And started to look for things that I love about myself and my body.
It took me a few weeks to completely accept myself.

And when I did, oh boy, it felt so good! It was such a feeling of freedom, that gave me so much self-assurance!


After I fully accepted myself, what happened was even more mesmerizing!

People around me told me that there was something different about me. They took the time to call me and tell me how awesome I looked and people start to be drowned to me.

I realize that this self-acceptance was overfloating from me and spreading to everything around me. It felt amazing and I started to have so much fun in my life


It might sound silly, but if you are reading this, it might be that something is bothering you and you want a change.
It does not cost you anything to spend 5 minutes of your day with yourself.


This is the base of how I started changing my dating app experience!
I promise you, if you achieve this level of acceptance, people will be drowned to you and everything in your life will start to change.

Rule Nr. 1

You have to accept yourself and that you are amazing as you are!


The next post I will tell how I change my profile for better and how can you change yours!

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