Have you ever tried a Thong?

It is a sexy and horny feeling having your butt cheeks rubbing against your jeans when you walk in thongs.

The Thong put in focus two things:

* Your Junk and your butt.

It's a recipe for trouble!

A Thong is the easiest "access" on the back and on the front on an underwear.Comments to expect:

The Thong community is huge and they love to interact.
"If you want to spice up your sex life a bit and open yourself to a new community its here the chance! Thongs are also great to take selfies and guys go crazy about it. ,

Cool and FunTo keep a fresh and cool look add a cap, football socks and maybe a basketball short to your look.Adding other styles to your thong keep you looking modern and cool!

The Innovation

When researching thongs and trying them out the thing that disturbed us most was the elastic on the butt.

So when designing this style we decided to get rid of it.  We went down to the minimum possible needed to make this as comfortable as possible for you.

As a result, the Thong looks tight but extremely comfortable.

The pouch:

Spandex is highly stretchable, so there is a lot of place for growth on this pouch

This is a ticket to a new world!

PS. if this is a new field for you and you want to meet new guys that are into thongs, use these hashtags to find them: #spandexmen #meninspandex #meninthongs #gaythong #thongman. And you meet guys in no time!