What is 4 Hunks?

First, let us tell you what we are not:

We are not a simple online shop selling underwear and gear!

We are a brand with a mission to innovate design and gear experience. 

And we are building our world: "The 4 Hunks World".

A world where things happen the way we believe they should be.

We only sell designs that we are proud of them. Because we believe they will bring something positive to your life.

Maybe a new feeling, a new way to see and discover yourself.


At fashion school we learn to find a theme, find a target group, define a season, choose a range of products that might fit the target group lifestyle. Develop a price and marketing strategy to sell the products. Make stunning pictures with your clothes and spread them in the right media channels.

4 Hunks Designing Concept:

We design on the go as life happens to you and to us. We observe how the society and world is changing, which things matter to them, which issues and wishes they have.

Once we find experience or recognise an issue that we can solve and make your life better and more fun. 

That's when we start designing. And the goal is to give you a "partner in crime", a design that will be part of your life and bring you new experiences and feelings.

Design needs time, attention, and improvement. It is not an easy task to innovate design , make you look good, feel good, and have a new experience at the same time.

And it is also a big task to teach factories to produce designs they never made before.

For that reason, sometimes we are not as fast as we wish. Because we want to make you feel the same way you feel when you see the picture of our designs.

And we also take the time to give the attention we believe everyone deserves.

Our designs are like a journey, offering you new experiences and the freshest ideas and concepts.

For months we measured and research many different types of men's body. And we created our own design system to deliver clothes are made to fit your body type. Each size is made to fit a certain group of body types. It is a mix of height, weight, body type, design and material that defines your size at 4 Hunks.

Two guys can have the same waist measurement but different heights. In a taller guy the singlet might look too short if we only consider his waist measurements and forget about his height.

For that reason, we need to analyse your metrics, body type and at least have one test to be sure which size at 4 Hunks makes you feel more confident.

Things we do and things that make us:

We treat everybody not as customers but as members, as human beings with hope, dreams, problems, and expectations.

Our community is the most important thing to us. 

We value members more than money and we do not turn our back when things get hard on our member's life. 

As a brand, we make our best effort to support our members going through a hard time. And even if they can not afford to buy new gear. We try to find solutions to the situation. We can send them free samples in exchange for a review. Or we can send them free clothes/gifts to cheer them up.

It's life and shit happen to everybody, and life will get better. And when it gets better you can purchase again. 

We make our best effort, to be honest, and clear to all members.

New ideas are welcome and we are ready to listen to everybody's opinion.

We are not perfect, we make mistakes and shit happen to everybody, but we try to make the best of it.

To do the work we do, we need to work together and create a good and relaxed environment for the community.

4 Hunks is about the design and development of new ideas, solutions and experiences. And to innovate takes time and passion.

Things do not always happen the way we want in life, but we can always try our best effort to make the best of it.

You want to become a member.

Click on the apply for an account button, read more to be sure and purchase a membership to the 4 Hunks community.

You are not a community type and you just want to buy something nice for you.

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