How to aplly for an account


Thank you for considering to apply for an account at 4 Hunks.

I am Marcos, founder of 4 Hunks.

Before applying for an account, I would like to tell you a bit about 4 Hunks and why I founded 4 Hunks. So you are sure that 4 Hunks is the right fit for you.

"I struggled growing up and coming out in a catholic conservative ( more conservative by the time ) country, Brazil. After 19 years of being someone else and after a year of going to church every Sunday and praying to God to make me straight. "I had a serious conversation with him. I said to him: God, I've been here every Sunday for the past year with all my faith asking you to change me, and I have no sign from you. I will understand that there is nothing wrong with me, and you love me as I am. So I will not come back. I search for my happiness!" So I did.

Years later, I moved to Germany, where I could have the life I dreamed of as gay. I didn't have to hide anymore or have a second "life" apart. I could be myself!

Looking back to my life, I just thought: How could I lose so many years hiding and afraid?

I wished for a world in which nobody has to go through the same struggle I did. A world in which we could talk about our dreams, fantasies, and experiences without any judgment, the "4 Hunks world". A place in which we could inspire each other to become the best version of ourselves, to become a "Hunk." And I thought: If I can make a small group of guys feel empowered, sexy, and confident with my designs and the 4 Hunks world. They might share their experiences with others and inspire them to go after their happiness. So I founded "4 Hunks".

4 Hunks is a lifestyle brand. It's about the community, members helping each other to open themselves and feel empowered. 

It's about self-development, learning, experiencing, and sharing.

As you can see, applying for an account at 4 Hunks is applying to become a member and advocate of this community. You might saw somewhere a member of our community happy wearing a 4 Hunks design, and you want to feel the same way. 4 Hunks only works because of the community that actively participates and becomes an extension of the brand. They believe what we believe, and they behave the way we behave.

We believe in the law of attraction. Your thoughts create the world surrounding you. And we believe that life is about who you are becoming, and we should work to be today better than yesterday.

We believe that our designs can empower you and change your life for the better. 

We believe we have members and not customers, and we should be respectful and kind to each other.

We believe that a brand should go beyond expectations.

4 Hunks is my life journey, and the designs come from my life experiences.

Experiences that I believe can have a positive influence on your life. They can create good memories and support you to interact with others.

What happens when you become a Member?

A member has access to the SHMLESS Group. The SHMLESS Group is where the magic happens, it is our own social media channel within the website, which looks like Instagram, where you have your own profile, meet other members, interact, and can share your pictures and videos and also check other members' pictures and videos in 4 Hunks design with privacy.

There is no judgement in the SHMLESS Group. Everybody in the group wants to support you to open yourself to the world, we already lost too much time with other people's opinion.

In the SHMLESS Group you find different forums where you can participate. You can become a rewier, participate on a forum to support you getting healthier and changing your body.

As a member, you can also candidate to become a reviewer of designs still in development. It means you get a free sample of an upcoming design and share your opinion about the design with other members and you have the power to influence changes in the design.

We also surprise our members with free gifts. Yes, we do that! We design especially for them as a reward for being supportive of the brand. These gifts are not for sale. They are designed and produced only as a thank you for the support they showed.

The Newsletter

Becoming a member you also get access to our Newsletter. You might be used to that kind fo newsletter that you get a 20% voucher every second they. At 4 Hunks, the newsletter and emails are a communication channel for us. It means that you will receive tips how to take a picture and make you butt looks huge, what kind of lighting to emphasize your body, how to change your diet and much more. In resume, all the tricks that nobody bother to tell you! 😜.

Issues: How do we handle issues at 4Hunks?

The world is not perfect and although we do our best, sometimes shit happens. It is life.

If an issue is caused by something out of our control, ex: your parcel is on delay due to customs in your country. We will ask you to be patient and we will create a ticket and keep an eye on your issue until is resolved.

If the issue is caused by us, we will take full responsibility and we will try to go beyond expectations to turn a bad experience into a good one.

Ex: you ordered a singlet. The warehouse informs us, there was a mistake in the stock availability and the singlet is sold out. Very frustrating, we understand. So we will ship you free underwear as an apology for the bad experience.

At 4 Hunks we are willing to go beyond expectations with a surprising custom-made gift in your favourite colour, style, and printed with your nickname or with the name you would like to be called. And for all this to happen you need to be open and let us be part of your life, and get to know you more closely.

For that reason, if you decide to apply for an account you will have to fill a form and answer questions that will help us to make the best experience possible at 4 Hunks.

Testimonial from TJ, a member of 4 Hunks

"My experience with 4Hunks has been truly amazing. I stumbled across a picture of a man wearing one of their singlets and instantly went to google. I was surprised when I couldn’t immediately enter the store and purchase. An application? What is this? I just want to buy something sexy. I was intrigued tho, I mean it had to be good if I was being asked to jump thru some hoops. Let me tell you it has been well worth it. What I found at 4Hunks wasn’t just sexy male gear, but a community. The designer of the brand Marco is truly invested in his art and also building a connection with his members. He does this thru offering a luxurious product and also creating an online community called the Shmless Group where members can share pictures and experiences with each other. It’s not just about jockstraps and g-strings at 4Hunks it’s about an experience. One where the members feels sexy, empowered and desired. I will say this as well, I was nervous that because I didn’t have killer abs and big arms I wouldn’t belong at 4Hunks but that’s not the case. If anything this has made me realise it’s not the muscles that make the man but it’s about attitude. 4Hunks has helped me awaken that attitude and it feels great. At the end of the day I won’t be shopping for underwear or gear anywhere else. My suggestion is fill out the application and join us."

What's is currently happening at 4 Hunks?

Our members are currently receiving samples to review our new solutions for their daily life.

We are also currently supporting each other to improve our health and body for the summer.

Members are receiving gifts especially design to them as a thank you for their support.

And we are starting to write a free guide with our members for the new gay generation coming, we want to support them to have less struggle when growing up as a gay.

Everybody is more than welcome at 4 Hunks!

As you see, 4 Hunks is not a "gay brand" as you are used to know.

4 Hunks is a brand to be part of and be active at.

We can not make everybody happy and we are not trying to. But we can make a group feeling like they belong somewhere and help them learn about themselves to become more happy.

We do not have a huge team and we have a certain capacity, so if you are just curious to see our designs and becoming a member is not your thing. You can ask to follow us on Instagram or Twitter and you can see more of our designs. Because creating an account at 4 Hunks is a process that will cost us and you time and energy.

Our main goal at 4 Hunks is to make your life better in any possible way we can.

Ask yourself which brand does what we do, free gifts, becoming a reviewer, offering tips on how to get healthier?

It's who we are.

If you feel that 4 Hunks is something that you are looking for and you wish to take the first step towards the 4 Hunks world, then you have to apply for an account.

Creating an account takes some time and effort. We do not want just to make a sale and say good-bye. We are building a community and not a sales machine.

Because so many guys ignore that, we set up a fee to set up an account at 4Hunks.

The fee to set up an account at 4Hunks is 75€.

Why do we have a fee and how does it work?

A fee means, you are serious about taking the journey with 4 Hunks and to start investing in yourself.

The fee is for us to take the time to create your profile, get your measurements, give you a consulting which size will suits your better and taking the time to try it out with you. Also paying attention what you wish and expectations are.

For that reason, after you apply for an account and we decided we are a good match we will send you 2 Singlets which we think it is the best size for you and you can try both. We will decide with you the best size for your body type. We will also advise you which colours match better to your colour skin.

With the right singlets you can feel our quality, get to know our fitting, get to know our design concept and experience what customer service really means.

We are a life style brand. Therefore the exciting things you see and read about us happens because of the whole package we offer. Only the design will not make the magic, otherwise you would not be here if you were not looking for the same feeling you saw by someone else somewhere like TJ described in his testimonial.


* Account fee is: 75,00€

* You get the famous Pig singlets in 2 different sizes ( Free Shipping included )👇

* Account set up

* Consulting for best size and colour according to your skin colour

* Access to the SHMLESS Goup (our Instagram )

* Access to the newsletter - *Improve my body, *Improve the way you dress and *Spice your life 😈

* Consultation about sizing and any other issues through WhatsApp

* Access to forum become a reviewer and get free samples

* Access to forum and exclusive content

* Free gifts, especially custom made for you, ☝️ if you become an active member of the SHMLESS group

* Becoming member of a community that the goal is to support you on your path, no judgement

* We will treat you like a person and not like a sale, what is important for you is important for us 😉

Please purchase the account fee below and send us an email telling us a little bit about yourself, how did you get to know us, and how can we support you.

After your account fee is purchased we will contact you and send you an email with the link to fill the form to your 4 Hunks profile and get to know your expectations closely.

Looking forward to being hearing from you!