Custom#Made DC

Hey Hunks,

this is going to be so much fun!
We have a special invitation this September.
We would like to invite you to be the 4 Hunks designer this month.
In September you get to design your unique Dirty Cyclist singlet in the color combination you wish.
And you can show the world your creation.

How does it work?

This month we have  a special feature in the online store where you can design your color combination for your DC Singlet.
Your design will be custom made produced in our workroom in Berlin, Germany.

After you placed your order we check your height, weight, and body type to confirm you have the right size.

If we believe you don't have the right size, we will contact you per email before we start producing and discuss your size with you.

Dirty Cyclist Design Concept

The DC ( Dirty Cyclist ) Singlet has a lot of thinking behind its concept.

For a successful design please keep in mind some design concepts when you are designing your DC Singlet.

The Front part

Vertical lines make the body looks longer. So if you want to look taller you have to emphasize the contrast on the front part. The colour will drive the eyes vertically.

See ex. 👉🏻

The leg stripes

Horizontal stripes make you look wider. The dirty cyclist has leg stripes so your tights look wider. If you choose a dark colour on the stripes your tights might look thinner.

👈🏻 See ex. 

The side parts

Please keep in mind if you want to conceal some extra pounds on the waist you should choose dark colours on the side parts.

Any bright colours on the side parts will show anything you want to hide 😜.

See ex. 👉🏻

The legs and butt

Remember, if you want to have your legs and butt looking wider chose a bright colour. A dark colour will make your legs and butt look thinner and smaller.

See ex. 


With custom made products we need to produce each singlet separately and it involves many hours of work.

For that reason, there is a limited number of custom made singlets that we can produce in a month.

We will be able to produce only 100 custom made singlet with this promotion.

Please, keep in mind that we need 30 days after the order to confirm your size, produce the singlet and ship it to you.

After we reached the 100 pieces limit, we will stop accepting orders for the custom made dirty cyclist.

We are counting on your understanding!

Got it?

Then have fun designing your dirty cyclist.

You can take a screenshot and ask other Hunks opinions about your design. It is a great way to interact with friends and with people on social media 😈!

Click on the button below to start designing your DC 👇