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The Pig Singlet

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Looking for your next big adventure?

The Pig Singlet

Adventure Guaranteed!

Meet the pig singlet. 

Your next big adventure!

limited Special offer for first time customers, and rip it!

4 Hunks is all about the experience and the pig singlet is our most adventures design we have.

This singlet was made to bring exciting new experiences in your life.

"That feeling of the marker going over your body is just priceless!"

A singlet won't last forever, only the memory will.

The fact that this singlet was made not to survive the night. It does not mean that we did not put all our effort on the design. 

We made this with all attention and care so you can experience and feel 4Hunks.

This singlet fits like a body shape vest. And the sheer makes you want to get messy instantly 💦! 

"Tell stories few can tell!"

Xtra Exposure

sheer, you can't hide your veins underneath this ultra light spandex 😈.

Super fitted

The best fit in a basic singlet.

Feel embraced 

by our exclusive pattern.

Great Selfies

Not really safe for instagram 🤣.

But you will make 

great pics for twitter 😜.


Your new partner in crime 😈.

Keep it as a trophy for your adventures!

Get in 4 the Hunks Shameless Group

The shameless group is a place exclusive to 4 Hunks customers to share their passion. Besides getting an awesome singlet you also get access to our community. Where you can meet new guys and make new friends.

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Will this singlet last long?

Yes, it will. You need to take very care of it and it will last a long time if you care for it like anything else.

But please understand this was designed for the moment. And you use and you can decide when to rip it apart.

Is the spandex fabric really sheer?

Yes, the spandex is really sheer. In comparison to mesh we could say that this singlet is 90 sheer. Be aware you will not be able to completely hide your junk underneath.

Is this single really fitted on the waist?

Yes, we add a seam on the back, so we could achieve a better shape on the back and waist. Making your waist looks fitted and your ass looking bigger.

Why are we doing this offer?

Because we are sure you will come back for more! 😜

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  • Sizing

What is more exciting than a big bulge shining through in super light and almost see-through spandex? 😈

We want to give you the perfect fit in a basic singlet. We want you to feel comfortable and amazing. The perfect fit to showcase the best of your shoulder, a deep collar for your chest to show off, and a middle seam o up your butt to make guys 🤤 when you walk by.

How do you know this singlet has a perfect fitting? This is that singlet that you constantly check your ass on the minor before you go because you are so proud of it. 🤣

After you put this singlet on your first reaction is to make sexy selfies and tease guys on our shameless group! Because the fabric becomes see-through when you stretch it!

From bulging on Sunday or to take teasing pictures for Instagram, this singlet will not only make you happy but also all the other guys!

- Hand Wash Only

- Do Not Bleach

- Do not Tumble Dry

- Line Dry

- Do Not Iron

Material Composition:

80% Nylon 

20% Spandex

Tell stories few can tell!
Your new adventure for only 15,50€ 
and Free Shipping!

What other guys are saying about The Pig Singlet?

Are you hungry for new adventures? 😈 

Take the ride.

Find your adventure.

Live the experience!

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