Rip it, it, it! This singlet is not made to survive the night.

Your new experience is here! The pig 🐷 singlet. 😈 The pig singlet is your white canvas to explore your creativity and your kinky side. A singlet made not to last but for you to enjoy the moment.

What makes this new experience awesome? 

 The super-light spandex makes the rubbing and touching extremely hot. To draw with a marker over your junk or butt is a new exciting feeling you never experienced before. And cutting out small holes into the singlet and teasing him slowly can lead you to an explosive ending πŸ’₯😈. 

 What do you need to have fun with this singlet? 

 βƒA Black Marker (do not use permanent black marker!) 

 βƒScissors (use it carefully!) 

 To have the most fun with this singlet we advise you to explore it in 3 phases: 
 1. Try and explore - make great naughty selfies with the singlet 
 2. Draw and cut the pig singlet 
 3. Repeat Important: 

$ 15.00 EUR
The Pig Singlet
The Pig SingletThe Pig Singlet