$ 35.00 EUR$ 22.50 EUR
Anon Bulge King Basic Singlet
Anon Bulge King Basic SingletAnon Bulge King Basic SingletAnon Bulge King Basic Singlet
$ 35.00 EUR$ 22.50 EUR

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What is more exciting than a big bulge shining through in super light and almost see-through spandex? 😈

At first sight, this wrestling singlet might look very simple. But at 4 Hunks, we never do things easy. When we design this wrestling singlet, we want to create your next favorite basic singlet.

We all have a favorite piece in our wardrobe. Do you know that piece when you don't know what to wear is the one that first comes to your mind? It was our goal when we design this wrestling singlet.

Designing a piece to fit many occasions, something simple but with much thinking behind it. A killer fitting, bringing the right proportions to your body and a backside that follows your spine and making your waist looking lean from the side and back view.

And with a color that only highlights the right spots, making you look lean and contrasting with your skin color. For that reason, we choose a grey color. Grey shapes your body but don't hide your chest, bulge, and butt.  

This design is the kind of piece that makes you check yourself constantly in the mirror before you go out because it makes you feel horny about yourself. It makes you feel confident about yourself.

The most incredible feature of this singlet is the spandex fabric. Starting from the way it makes you feel when you touch it! It changes its color according to the light like a Cameleon. In low light, the fabric looks opaque, at the sunlight, it becomes sheer, and if you use flash taking pictures or a source of light filming it, it looks like liquid metal over your body.

And if you get horny in it, as your excitement 🍆 starts to grow, the spandex fabric stretches, it becomes sheer. So you won't be able to hide your excitement in this one😈.

The Anon Bulge King Singlet brings you every time a new experience and others as well 😜.



Graffiti Grey

Material Composition

80% Nylon

20% Spandex

- Hand Wash Only

- Do Not Bleach

- Do not Tumble Dry

- Line Dry

- Do Not Iron

Material Composition:

80% Nylon 

20% Spandex

Discreet Packaging

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