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Despite all the contra version of Prep, a pill does not make your sexual behaviour. You decide it by yourself. The most important thing is knowledge, about what we can do to protect ourselves and others around us. And to pass this knowledge forward to other people. And before we start judging peoples behaviour, let´s think on the many guys whom woke up in the toilet fainted because some smart guys put something on his drink and don’t know what happened to them. Or guys whom were stealthed and got sick because of some smart guy. The Prep tank is to bring awareness to people that are ways to prevent HIV infection. Independently if you decide take it or not. If you want to support the cause go to our online store pre other the tank and share it with your friends. The crucial point is to be happy and what others think about you is their problem and not yours. Be happy, that’s all that matters! This product will only be produced if at least 500 units are supported by 26th of May 2019. If not you will be refunded after 27th of may 2019. If you wish this to be produced quickly, support the cause and share with your friends!

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